Since its early beginnings in Broomfield, Colorado, in the year 1973,
as a small Service oriented Meat Market, the origin of our motto "We
aim to Please" began.  Through the struggles of a newly created
family owned business with a need for income, the phone began to
ring with a cry from hunters who needed someone to help them with
turning their freshly harvested game into table fare.  Thus, the
beginnings of the
Meat Cleaver, game processing began.  After a 5
year run in the retail business a switch to a bigger and more
centrally located plant was completed.  Established as a U.S.D.A.
Inspected plant #4848, in 1978 a new era of wholesaling to
restaurants and meat distributors began and continues to this day.  
Along with this business the service oriented game processing
continued to grow to its present stature as one of Colorado's biggest
and best wild game
processing plants.
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