The Meat Cleaver has processed practically every kind of North
American big game animal you can name, from the common Deer,
Elk, and Antelope, to lesser hunted species like Mountain Lions,
and Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain goats and even
Caribou from Canada or Alaska.  Satisfied customers bring home
their game from long distances like Alabama, California, Texas,
Wisconsin and almost every other state you can name.  They also
bring home exotic species raised on game farms and specialty

The Meat Cleaver, has put together a team of professional meat
cutters,  who know how to properly process your meat.  Each
animal is individually processed by a team effort.  From the time
you pick it up a number is assigned to guarantee you get
meat.  All processed meat is
yours, all ground meat is from your
animal, and all sausage and cooked products are made from
animal.  We do
not combine everyone's meat together.

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Fresh Sausages
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Summer Sausages
House Speciality Jalapeno & Cheese
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